About Us

About Us

Introducing the association ..

A non-profit civil association licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the number 935 that seeks to lead in developing the needy and building society through sustainable development programs in a stimulating work environment with high transparency and credibility.


Excellence and leadership in accordance with comprehensive quality standards, achieving successful partnerships between the donor and the beneficiary, and providing high-level social services to limit self-sufficiency.

The message

Caring for the needy, the affected, orphans and widows, and providing social services in modern ways that keep pace with the developmental acceleration and meet the needs of society.

Operational objectives

  • Serving the people and providing assistance to the poor and needy.
  • Orphans and widows service.
  • Providing emergency financial and in-kind assistance to those affected.
  • Orphanages .
  • Breaking the fast of those who are fasting.
  • Providing aid to those wishing to get married.


  • Distributing more than 1400 food baskets in a short period despite the association’s newness.
  • Distributing more than 300 masks, gloves, and awareness brochures for non-Arabic speakers to raise awareness and prevent Corona virus.
  • Distributing 140 fasting meals to the beneficiaries in their places, despite their ruggedness and difficult access.

Prof/ Abdul Wahhab bin Abdullah bin Ayed Al-Odhayani

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Ber Al Ahlia Society

Prof/Muslim bin Barjas bin Nawar Al-Odayani Al-Otaibi

Member of the Board of Directors

Prof/Abdul Ilah bin Abdul Wahab bin Abdullah Al-Adyani


Regulations and Regulations

The most important rules and regulations of the association

Regulations and regulations

The basic list of Al-Ber Al ahlia Association.

Strategic plan

The most important construction plans for the association

The administrative structure

Certification of the association